Escape From Tarkov SH Radar (2PC, 1PC, or VM)


SH provides the only Undetected EFT Radar you can buy! Our Radar Driver is 2 Years+ Undetected on BattlEye. We provide long-term Radar solutions for our user base. Our product simply reads memory and forwards it to a secondary computer, your same computer, or VM, on the same network. This mitigates a wide variety of detection vectors that Aimbot and ESPs carry.

Utilize our Memory Writing features such as No Recoil, Pink Chams, Unlimited Stamina, Aimbot, Skill Hack, No Overheat, No Weapon Jam, Remove Visor, Thermal, Night Vision, Loot Through Walls, Time Scaling, Always Allow Sprint to truly dominate your opponents while still flying under the radar! All while Referencing a full overview of the map with our EFT Radar to see enemy positions and loot positions in real-time.

System Requirements:
  • You are able to use this on 2PC, 1PC, or a Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Recommend ethernet internet connection for both computers for faster load times
  • Windows 10 or 11 64-bit
  • Works with DMA and non-DMA setups

Write memory:

No recoil
Pink chams
Unlimited stamina
Skill hack (fast ammo reload, super jump)
Utilities (no overheat, no jam)
Remove visor
Night vision
Loot through walls
Time scaling
Always allow spring

ESP Types:

Inventory value
Line of sight
Show bodies
Armor class
Edit colors
Auto height

ESP Loot:

Search loot bar
Show loot
Aggregate loot
Loot settings tab
Change loot category colors
Toggle on/off live loot
Loot readings slider
Enable/disable item


Line of sight sliders
Icon size sliders
Text scale
Map size
Map resolution
Show radar stats
Show time
Show radar FPS

Rader overlay:

Draw player distance
ESP styles
Game resolution



7 Day, 30 Day

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