Battlefield 4 Vector




Intel & AMD


– Player Names / Display Names
– Draw Team / ESP on his team
– Distance Tags / Distance display
– Health Bar / life bar
– Bounding Box / ESP in a box
– Enemy Line / lines to the players
– Crosshair / crosshairs
– Skeleton / Skeleton Display
– Aim Point / AIMA dot shows where better to shoot
– Enemy Color / Color enemy that is not visible
– Visible Color / color that is visible to the enemy
– Vehicle Color / Color technology which is not visible
– Visible Color Vehicle / color art that can be seen
– Crosshair Size / crosshairs Size
– Crosshair Color / Color crosshairs
– Team Color / Color your team
– Explosives / Show explosives
– Pickup / Supply / Display CAP on kits / weapons / special weapons, which appears on the map
– Bullets / Display CAP bullets
– DogTags / Backlight unique tokens (they are only on DLC maps “Final Stand”)
– Gadgets / Gadget Show


– Enable Radar / Enable / disable radar
– Radar Box / Background to the radar
– Radar Sross / Grid for radar
– Radar Vehicle Type / Display technology
– Radar Cross to center / Radar in the center of the screen
– Radar Dot / dot in the center of the radar
– Radar Fov / zone on the radar visibility
– Radar Size / Radar Size
– Radar Dots Size / Size radar points
– Radar Border Color / Background Color radar
– Radar Cross Color / Color radar grid
– Radar Pos X / radar Position on the X axis
– Radar Pos Y / radar position on the Y axis
– Radar Scope / Setting the display scale


– Aimbot / Enable AIM
– Auto Aimbot / Auto AIM
– Auto Fite / Auto shooting
– Visible Checks / PAM only works on those who are in sight
– Switch Target / PAM does not switch to another target until the target is fixed at the current
– Aim at Vehicle / AIM on technique
– Aim Lock / PAM does not switch to another target until the target is fixed at the current
– Vehicle Bullet Per Shot / changing the number of departing per shot bullets and shells with technology (effective against infantry only)
– Vehicle Slot Hack / The ability to install equipment on all types of ammunition for the main weapon (eg, a tank will fire one shot in three rounds – Subcaliber, piercing, breaking.)
– Aiming Speeding / Speed pickup AIMA
– Limit Aim Angle / operating angle AIMA
– Auto Fire Delay / Delay Autoshot
– Bullet Per Shot / Adjusting the number of bullets and shells for a shot (only equipment)
– Aim Key / Standard key for AIMA
– Alternative Aim Key / Additional key for AIMA
– Aim Zone (Head, Neck ,, Butt, Left shoulder, Breast, Left Thigh, Right Thigh) / AIMA zone (head, neck, torso, left arm, chest, left thigh, the right thigh)
– Aiming Style (Near Crosshair, Closest Target, Lowest Health) / Style AIMA (near the crosshairs, the immediate goal, the lowest health)


– No Input / disable mouse Aime
– No Spread / No variation
– No Recoil / No returns
– Spread, Recoil Controller / adjustment options data (the smaller the value, the less will be the impact and spread)


– Auto Spot / Auto opponents mark
– Spot Through Walls / assign to an opponent while ignoring Wall
– Afterburner / Fast and Furious or turbo (does not press the brake if activated)
– Auto Eject / Automatic jumping out of the technology
– Minimap Hack / Display opponents in a game of mini-map
– Auto Heal / health Recharge yourself with shots from a gun or a knife Mahaney (when the work automatically)
– Magic Bullets / Magic Bullet (When shooting in a radius of 1-1,5 m from enemy bullets will fly in it only works on BULLETS, including state of the art.)
– Magic Bullets Headshot / Similarly Magic Bullets, but murders occur strictly in the head
– Heal Bullets / When shooting on their allies, they will replenish health;
– Teleport / teleporting toward glance
– Ping Spoof / Changeling ping server
– Invisible Hack / Makes you invisible to enemies (only works with skin which is the default)
– Gadgets Slot Hack / Select unavailable for this class of gadgets
– AutoSpot Time Interval / Interval time when the opponents mark prosihodit
– Fly Hack / The ability to fly
– Unlimited Ammo / Infinite Ammo
– Spotting FOV / Setting the operating angle mark opponents
– Jet Speed Control / Speed which will be supported by jet
– Auto Eject (Health) / Ability to put many lives at the percentage, the player will automatically jump out of the technology
– Jet Helper Key / Expose button to jet Assistant
– Magic Bullets Key / Align key to magic bullets
– Teleport Key / Expose button to teleport
– Super Jump Key / Align key to super jump
– Fly Hack Key / Align key for flights


– Save Setting / Saving settings cheat
– Load Setting / load saved settings cheat
– Menu Key / The ability to set your button to display the cheat menu

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