Vector Spoofer (BE/EAC)


Windows 10 All Versions


Before using HWID Spoofer, we strongly recommend:

– First of all, reinstall your Windows;
– if the router has a dynamic IP, then restart it too;
– delete the old folder with the game, and reinstall;
– after all of the above, launch HWID Spoofer according to the instructions above!


Pay special attention to the RUST and EFT games, due to the fact that anti-cheat updates occur very often in them, sometimes the spoofer may temporarily not work for them, so before making a purchase, check with support if everything is fine, or just watch the latest news.

There is no official support for any other game, but there is a high probability that it will work as well.

It should also be noted that in the BIOS must be enabled AHSI mode, almost all new computers, it was he who and it is worth it, but for greater persuasiveness, check whether this mode is exactly set, if there is another one, for example IDE, then it will be necessary to change to AHСI, most often this is possible only with a complete reinstallation of Windows, but if you find a way without reinstalling how to do this, then be sure share it with us.

And also it is necessary to disable the TPM protection module, also in the BIOS (it can also be called Trusted Platform Module, TPM Device, Security Chip, fTPM and PTT), on some motherboards, this module is not present at all, then nothing needs to be done. You can find out if this module is on your motherboard or not on the manufacturer’s website without any problems.



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