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Supported CPU: Intel and AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10 & 11 (1909, 2004, 20H2,21H1) + Win7

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PUBG Project information:

All functions are totally stable.
Full stream proof.
Support Win7, Win10( >= 1803), Win11.
F1 – Radar (MiniMap and WorldMap)
F2 – Player
Alt+F1 Box
Alt+F2 Skeleton
Alt+F5 HP
Alt+F6 Name+Kills+Spectators
Alt+F7 DistanceLimit
Visibility check is enabled by default
F3 – Item
Ctrl+F1 Attachment
Ctrl+F2 Weapon
Ctrl+F3 Throwable
Ctrl+F4 Medicine
Ctrl+F5 Armor
Ctrl+F6 Inventory
Ctrl+F7 AirDrop
Ctrl+F8 Intelligent (auto adapt to the accessories of the current weapon, auto hide the low-level items you already have)
F4 – Vehicle
F5 – IconMode (all items will be displayed as images)
F6 – Bullet no spread
F7 – AimBot (mouse right to lock, shift force lock head, ctrl force lock the nearest enemy, can hit fixed enemies beyond 900M distance)
F8 – IntelliBullet (auto lock exposed body parts)
F9 – Bullet no falling
F10 – No recoil
End – Danger Waring (nearest enemy,enemy aiming at you, enemy attacked you last time, how many spectators)
CapsLock – Go through wall or obstacle (press CapsLock down when going through)


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