New World Resource & Farming Bot


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The bot allows you to automate the process of collecting resources and farming mobs.
Want to optimize your time? Too busy schedule to play, but don’t want to give up on New World? Then NW Bot is for you. With an intuitive user interface for most novice users, NW Bot is the perfect software to help you achieve your in-game goals and objectives.
The bot is visual, i.e. based on recognizing what is happening on the screen. If account security is important to you, then perhaps it has no equal in this matter. The farming bot in New World has maximum stealth from detection because the bot is not batch and does not climb into the process memory, it is almost impossible to detect and track it.

Bot features:

  • Farm 24/7
  • Simple and straightforward to use (video + support)
  • Supports permissions
  • Human behavior (not embedded in the client’s technical processes)
  • Uses standard WinAPI functions to capture and analyze screen, making it optimized and very fast
  • Emulates all keyboard and mouse actions through the driver

What the bot can do at the moment:

  • Position yourself in the game
  • Run along a given route
  • Collect resources
  • Instrument repair
  • When filling up inventory, return to the city for unloading at the warehouse
  • Farm mobs on the route (melee weapon preferably hatchet)
  • Collecting drop/skins

What is planned to be added in the near future:

  • Throw away unnecessary loot / resources
  • Craft
  • Auction sale
By purchasing a subscription you get the opportunity to use the bot simultaneously on 1 computer.
Bot runs on Windows 10 (check Windows 7 and Windows 11 before buying, Windows Server is not supported)
Bot runs in windowed mode with a resolution of 1600×900 (other options are not supported)

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