Escape from Tarkov Vega Exclusive


– 100 SLOTS, exclusively offered by DEPSHOP
– VEGA does not work with VECTOR spoofer!
– Intel and AMD compatible

– Win10: 20H2 – 22H2 | Win11: 22H2 Only


[Technical Requirements]

No RAID0 support!
Windows 10 20H2 – 22H2 + Windows 11
UEFI Based Motherboard
Disable Hyper-V

Built in Prediction
Show Target Information
Humanized Smoothing
Multipoint (Aim at nearest Bone)
Customizable FOV Circle including Color
Bullet Tracers

[Player ESP]
Show Names
Show Skeleton
Show Friendly Player
Show Health
Show Distance
Show K/D
Show In-hand Weapon
Show Visibility (In form of Chams)
Chams (Cloth + Gear Chams)

[Item ESP]
Highly Configurable
Show Ammo
Show Gear
Show Weapons
Show Medical Items
Show Food
Show Keys
Show Barter Items
Show Corpses + Corpse Content
Show Containers + Corpse Content
Item Filtering


Change Crosshair Color
Change Enemy Visible Color
Change Friendly Visible Color
Change Item Color
Change Corpse Color
Change Extract Color

[MISC Features]

No Recoil
No Visor
Infinite Stamina
Thermal Vision
Night Vision
Loot through Walls
Strong Grenade
Fast Examine
Fast Mag load/unload
Double Search
Grenade ESP
Save Configs
Ammo Indicator


30 Days, 7 Days

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