Escape from Tarkov Market Sniper


—{ Requirements }—


– OS: Windows

– HWID Locked


—–{ Description }—–

– This bot searches the market for items listed for less than what you can make from selling to traders and automatically sells the items after stash is filled, or you run out of money


——-{ Standard Features }——-

– Detects errors when purchasing items

– Uses human-like movements to lower risk of bans

– Completely external program, very safe

– Can solve captchas reliably

– Rotates between commonly profitable snipe items

– Customize the items you want the bot to snipe

——-{ PRO Features }——-
– 30 SLOTS!

– Set how far the bot needs to scroll through your inventory when selling to save on time
– Edit the speed of the bot depending on how fast and reliable your pc is (or if running in a vm)
– Choose either human like movements or instant clicking
– Buy barter items
– Uses the speed refresh bug when buying items a set amount of times
– Item customization:
⨽ Time spent searching for each item
⨽ Buy all items in a listing or 1 at a time
⨽ Only show listings from players or traders
⨽ Snipe an item a set amount of times with speed refreshing (ex. trying to snipe a key without buying multiple

——-{ Stats }——-

(Average statistics of profitability)

– 10-15 seconds per item (including the selling process)

– 1-3k roubles per item

– 300-400k roubles per hour


7 Day Standard, 30 Day Standard, 30 Day Pro, Wipe Standard

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