Escape from Tarkov Fanta





System Requirements

CPU: Intel / AMD;

OS: Windows 10, 11 – All builds

Display: Borderless, Windowed




-Silent aim
-Smooth factor: Increase or decrease the speed of your aimbot

-Bullet Drop Correction: Automatically adjusts your aim to correct for bullet drop

-Movement Prediction: Automatically adjusts your aim to predict where the target will be by the time your bullet reaches them

-Velocity Adjustment: Manually tune player movement prediction by meters, negative value aims behind positive aims ahead

-Velocity History: Holds movement history in milliseconds for your target for a legit/smooth aimbot prediction

[Screen Indicators]


-Execution Time: Overlay FPS, Code execution timing for cheat and rendering in milliseconds


-Aimbot targeted bone

-Player count

-Bot count

-Highest item name and price

-2D Radar: Squares for bots, Directional triangles for players

-Killfeed: Shows which player died and a customizable display timer and customizable sorting (by KD, Level or Inventory price)

-Playerlist: Shows player name, KD, level and inventory worth

-Local Player Info: Health, Food, Water, Movement speed, Ammo count, Bullet Type and velocity, Current scope


-Unique Color Selection: Shows current color and all possible colors based on your current RGBA slider






-Air Drops

-Nearby Items

-Expensive Items

-Custom Items

-Quest Items and Locations



-Radar Background

-Radar Outline



-2D Radar: Customizable Size and Scale

-Player Box

-Player Cross

-Player Skeleton

-Player Chams

-Player Name

-Player KD

-Player Level

-Player Item in Hands

-Player Health

-Player Total Inventory worth

-Player Inventory Display: Item Name, Item Type, Item Worth based on found in raid or not

-Player Distance

-Player Quest Item Indicator: Tags the player indicating they have a required Quest Item

-Player Custom Item Indicator: Tags the player indicating they have an item from your Custom Loot list

-Player Holds Highest Item Indicator: Highlights player with Text indicating they have the Highest Item

-Landmine Warning Indicator: Automatically shows Danger Zones for land mines when they are nearby

-Quest Items and Locations


-Displays Items you need to collect for your active quests

-Displays Locations you need to visit for your active quests

-Instant Quest Item Planting: Place items/beacons instantly without having to wait

-Automatically removes locations and items off of your esp that are no longer needed

-Filters out non Found in Raid items


-Shows where your extract locations are

-Shows requirements for these extracts

-Shows where requirements are: Names and Locations of power switches etc

-Filters out extracts that you cannot use


-Live market data and prices

-Option to change item prices: Live, 24hr Average, 7Day Average or Trader Price

-Smart system displays correct Item Pricing, if it is not Found in Raid you will get a Trader Price

-Anti Clutter System: Only displays Item information when hovered

-Min price for nearby ground items

-Min price for nearby containers

-Min price for expensive global containers and items

-Pixel and FOV Hover limit

-Option to Center or Align Container Loot information

[Custom Loot]

-Lists all of your Custom Items

-Add or Remove items from your Custom List: Right click to remove

-Add Custom Items from clipboard or manually


-Thermal Vision: Toggle Thermal Vision on key press. Modifies materials to have an appealing thermal effect

-Night Vision: Toggle Night Vision on key press

-No Visor: Removes visor effect on key press

-Double Search: Search multiple things at once

-Instant ADS: Zoom in and out quickly

-Loot Through Walls: Take items through walls with ease


-Timescale: Speeds everything up, allowing you to run and perform actions faster.

-Perception Hearing Buff: Hear footsteps/sounds further

-Jump Strength Buff: Jump higher

-Jump Strength Buff Weight Multiplier: Automatically manages your Jump Strength Buff based on your current weight

-Time of Day changer: Change the time from dark to day or any hour that you wish

-Tracer Rounds: Enables tracers to your bullets with several different color options

-Skeleton Display Ratio: Players/Bots will turn from Crosses to Skeletons once threshold is met


-Weapon Inaccuracies: Recoil, Sway, Motion, Breath including ALL inaccuracies Aim Punch from shots/grenades etc

-Weapon Collision: Your weapon will not go down when an object/wall is in the way

-Weapon Malfunctions: Shoot your shitty ppsh for 10000 rounds and it will never jam or misfire

-Bullet Spread: Bullets will not deviate in any way and go where intended

-Magazine Loading Delays: Load and Unload mags as fast as possible (Delayed only by latency)

-Examine Delay: Allows you to inspect items instantly (Delayed only by latency)

-Stamina Consumption: Removes all stamina consumption caused by Running, Jumping, Changing stances etc

-Move Speed Restrictions: Allows overweight sprinting and increases Move speed and Acceleration

-Physical Conditions: Allows to sprint with broken legs, move while healing/cms’ing etc

-Inertia: Allows moving side to side and stopping instantly without drag

-Sprint Inhibitors: Removes collider checks which allows to sprint through Bushes, Barbed wires, Swamps, Water etc (anything that slows you down)

-Rotation Limits: Uncaps your viewangles, look all the way up while laying down or doing a full 360 while on a mounted machine gun etc


-Looting Distance: Increase how far you can interact with loot

-Door Open Distance: Increase how far you can interact with doors

-Crouch Speed: Increase your pose changing speed (crouch up n down very fast)

-Air Speed: Reach max movement speed faster when jumping

-Air Lerp: Stay in the air longer, lower gravity

-Container open delay: open containers instantly

-Grenade speed: Throw grenades super far


-Hotkey Selector: Click on your feature and then press the desired key to set or ESC to remove the hotkey bind

-Aimbot activation: Hold to aim

-Hitbox cycle: Press to change hitbox. head, thorax, pelvis, left/right leg and arm

-Remove Visor effect:

-Night Vision toggle

-Thermal Vision toggle

-No Fall toggle

-No Fall Lift activation

-Wall Phaser activation

[High Risk Features]

-Increased Bullet Speed

-Reduced Bullet Drop

-No Fall / Fly

-No Fall Lift: No Fall Lift activation key to go up into the air (4m limit)

-Wall Phaser: Go under the ground and explore the map without risk of injury from others


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