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Unleash Your Game’s Potential with DepShop – The Ultimate Tarkov Bot

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Key Features:

• Fully Automated: Just set it up and let it run – our bot operates continuously for days and nights.

• User-friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive GUI for quick and easy setup.

• Unlimited Accounts: Freedom to manage as many accounts as you desire.

• Remote Control: Control your bot via Discord, from anywhere at any time.

• Hideout Crafting Support: All items supported. Train skills while crafting.

• Wide Resolution Compatibility: Works seamlessly on any screen resolution.

• Comprehensive Game Support: Covers everything from healing, map selection, trader interactions, to bush detection and more.

• Game Restart Capability: If your game or BSG launcher glitches, our bot can restart it and even update the game!.

• Overlay Feature: Keep track of your runtime/total raids/kdr/hideout etc.

• Multitask Training: Simultaneously train multiple skills, like endurance & covert, strength & metabolism, etc.

• Advanced Configuration: Customize your bot for a unique gaming experience.

• No Special Hardware Required: Runs smoothly on standard hardware configurations.

• And so much more!


Skill Development & Tools:

• Skill Training: Endurance, Strength, Covert, Vitality, Metabolism, Recoil Control, Mag Drills, Sniper.

• Hideout Crafting.

• Market Item Sniper.

• Market Item Buying (Coming Soon).

• Item Examiner.

• KDR Lowering.

• And many more features.

With DepShop, witness a revolution in your gaming experience. Start your journey to mastery today.


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