Escape from Tarkov Stalker


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CPU: Intel + AMD

Nvidia GPU only

Windows Version: Windows 10 all winver



Perfect aimbot

Aim bone



Player Esp

Skeleton esp

Healthbar esp

Player content(auto filter)

Team/friendly check


Show KD+LVL (high kd warning)

Hand Weapon

Identity esp


Item ESP

Highly configurable!

Show valuables items

Show currently task quest items

Show food items

Show med items

Show keys

Show corpses (+Corpse Contents auto filter)

Show container contents

Show exits esp(state)

Custom items esp(auto filter player+corpse+container contents and loots)



Show grenade

No recoil+sway

No visor

Unlimited stamina

Max skills

Custom thermal Vision

Loot through walls

-game has to be borderless

Feature list:

-F2 Esp Bone

-F3 Esp Health

-F4 Esp Exit

-F5 Esp Grenade

-F6 Esp Items

-Alt+F1 Topvalue Items

-Alt+F2 Valuable Items

-Alt+F3 Food Items

-Alt+F4 Medical Items

-Alt+F5 Quest Items Follow ( Active Item quest esp )

-Alt+F6 Container Items

-Alt+F7 Corpse Esp

-Alt+F8 Keys Esp

-Alt+F9 Custom Items ( Custom Item filter u can create )

-F7 Memory Aimbot ( Aimlock On/Off )

-F8 Aim At Scavs

-F9 Lockingpart ( Aimbot Hitbox )

-F10 Thermal Vision

-F11 Remove Visor

-Ctrl + 1 Infinite Stamina

-Ctrl + 2 No Recoil

-Ctrl + 3 Max Skills Hack

-T Loot Through walls

-F12 reload custom items ( you can customize item file and reload it to have the latest changes added )


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