Escape from Tarkov LF Solutions


When you buy this, please open a ticket and submit your key. Since this is a private product, we must allocate your slot manually!


OS: Windows 10 (2004-21H2)
CPU: Intel + AMD

[ Aim Tab ]:
-Silent Aim
-Engine Prediction
-Auto Shoot
-Aim FOV
-Silent Melee
-Fast Bullet
-Manipulation (Shoot around corners)
-Custom Aim Bone (Any bone in player)
-Visibility Check ( Target only visible targets )

[ ESP Tab ]
-Headshot Percent
-Role ( Sherpa, Emissary etc… )
-Side ( BEAR, USEC )
-Health ( Text, Bar )
-Inventory Items
-Inventory Worth
-Cheater Warning ( Alerts you if suspicious players in lobby )
-Aim Warning ( Alerts you if a player is aiming at you )
-Ammo Count ( Displays current magazine state )
-Visibility Check ( Display players in different color depending on whether visible or occluded. )

-World Items
-Container Items
-Quest Items
-Quest Locations
-Extracts ( Filtering open / manual activation only )
-Custom Item Filter ( Select item of choice and it will only be displayed or highlighted in different color. )
-Price Filtering ( Filter items by price. )
-Ability to change all above mentioned ESP option colors with RGB picker.

[ Misc Tab ]
-No Recoil
-No Animations
-No Spread
-No Sway
-No Malfunctions
-Instant ADS
-Gun Laser ( Draws a cool line from fireport )
-Bullet Tracers
-Quick Load / Unload
-Flyhack ( Perfect movement without inertia, moves at maximum player speed that is possible without desync. )
-Phase ( Risky, able to go through certain walls / floors / terrain. )
-No Visor
-No Camera Shake Effects
-Quick Examine Items / Containers
-Double Search
-Instant Search
-Force Pickup Quest Items ( Pickup quest items you couldn’t see before, very OP for tasking! )
-God Mode ( Makes your player not take damage from scavs and other players, still vulnerable to explosive damage. Also makes your movement silent. )
-Ping Bypass ( Play on servers without worrying about getting kicked by ping checks. )

[ Menu ]
-We provide menu and ESP in 2 main languages: English and Simplified Chinese.
-Ability to change ESP font sizes
-HWID Tab has option to disable / enable spoof ( ENABLED BY DEFAULT ).

[ Configurations ]
-Ability to save as many configs as you want.


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