Escape from Tarkov Coffee


Please note that this is a rage product. Features that may cause bans are indicated as such in the product menu. This product is highly recommended for those who do carries or understand the risks. Using at-risk features that may lead to a ban is not a reason for a refund.

AGS and Speed are flagged as risky

AMD/Intel including Intel Xeon are supported
Multi monitors might not work too well, recommended to disable all monitors except main one prior to loading the cheat
Drive must be formatted as GPT (UEFI)
SecureBoot must be disabled
Virtualization settings in BIOS dont matter
Hyper-V dont matter
Windows version from Windows 10 21H2 all up to Windows 11 22H2


– Silent aimbot
– Aimkey selection
– Aimfov
– Aimbone (head or nearest)


– ESP Font Size
– AI Box
– Player Box
– AI Healthbar
– Player Healthbar
– Player&AI Name/Distance
– Player&AI Inventory
– Player&AI Weapon
– Look Direction Ray
– Player Color
– Player Distance Cap
– AI Color
– AI Distance Cap
– Boss Color
– Exfil Points
– Exfils Color
– Exfil Distance Cap
– Claymores
– Loot On/Off
– Loot Outline
– Use Price per slot
– Show container names
– Corpses distance
– Corpses Color
– Container Name Color
– Loot Distance Cap
– Loot Minimal Price (PgUp/PgDn)
– Always Show Active Quest Items
– Quest Locations

Misc features:

– V1 speedhack (1.8x)
– V2 speedhack (1.5x-60x)
– V2 speedhack keybind
– Magic bullet
– Instant hit
– Steal mounted gun (Risky) (U key)
– Instant Examine
– Instant Search (F)
– Disable ADS
– Extra Lean (Q/E)
– Extra Lean Offset
– Inf. Stamina
– Loot Through Walls
– Modify Recoil
– No Sway/Breath
– No Visor
– Thermal Vision ( with hotkey )
– Flyhack ( with hotkey )
– Full bright with intensity and range settings
– OG Enemy Chams
– OG Local Player Chams
– OG Loot Item Chams
– OG Corpse Chams
– Bullet Tracers
– Ammo Quick Load & Unload
– FOV Changer
– Instant FOV Change On/off
– Normal FOV
– Aiming FOV (Approx.)
– No Inertia
– No Gun Malfunction
– No Sprint Block (Run n’ Gun)
– Time changer
– Time changer Time
– High Jump
– Double Search
– Jump Height
– Show ammo count
– Show aimfov
– Show crosshair

ESP Loot Filters:

– Add an item to config by name
– Override distance cap, color, font size for given item


7 Day, 30 Day

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