DayZ Helo


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Intel & AMD
1803-21H1 Supported

Enable Esp Box on Players – Enable the illumination of boxes for players
Enable Esp box on Zombies – Enable the illumination of boxes for zombies
Esp Loot- Turn on the loot illumination (also shows caches buried in the ground!)
Float Distance- Setting the distance to the loot
Esp Cars- Show cars
Esp Skeleton- Show skeletons of players
Show Local Player Position – Show the coordinates of the player
Show assumption – Show the aimbot position
Enable Esp Distance – Shows the distance to players, loot, etc.
Enable show FOV – Show the aimbot radius

Enable Silent Aimbot – Enable silent aim
FOV – The radius of the silent aim
Aim on Players – Enable silent aim on players
Aim on Zombies – Enable silent aim on zombies

Enable Speedhack – Enable speed hack
Panic Key – A button that will disable your cheat (it will help you avoid being checked by the admin)


1 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day

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